President’s Message

     I am hopeful that overall, we are all feeling grateful, during this holiday season. We are extremely blessed to be in a position with the ability to help people turn their life around, if they are willing, and to provide safety to the general public.
Generally, I believe our image has significantly improved in recent years. This has been apparent to me in the past few weeks, as I have attended various political functions for Bail Bond friendly candidates across our great state. I am appreciative that we have had the funds in our BPAC account to show support for these public safety minded legislative leaders.
Please, continue to contribute as you are able. After the Holidays, start thinking about meeting with your Regional Director about setting a day and time to visit the capital. Nothing else can replace or compare to an in-person greeting from a constituent.
As always, I am honored to be your President, representing our Association of Heroes. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and I am sending wishes for a prosperous and Happy New Year.
Ken Boyer

from the desk of the Executive Director ~ L. Susie Sturgeon

The beginning of 2021 was largely the end of the Covid-19 pandemic shut down. The experience brought a new understanding to the industry. What I walked into in January of this year has been meeting a lot of Survivors across the state who were ready to start a new year! 
The holidays are my favorite time of the year. The holiday cheer, the awesome smell of baking and holiday scents. It is a time to reflect and be thankful. The end of the year also brings memories and planning of future goals. In 2021, our association experienced a year of new challenges and some obstacles which simply said are called “changes”. Change is not always easily accepted however, because of your generous acceptance together with the volunteer time and effort from the board, we were able to deliver the much-needed changes, additions, and upgrades.
Goals accomplished:
·        Developed and started the 1st annual Continuing Education Live-Streaming
·        Launched a new Pre-License manual and materials (approved by the OID)
·        Started offering Refresher course for Pre-License students (only)
·        Provided Credit Card payment access to its membership
·        Scheduled monthly Continuing Education Video classes
·        Implemented Emailing and Text Blasting
·        Started the OBA Quarterly Newsletter
·        ……and more
There are other goals in progress for 2022. The priority is our commitment to provide our membership with education, state-wide legislative assistance, national news and guidance to improve our professional development and to continue to stand out as one of the best bail associations in the United States.
Let us not forget! the recent devastation and loss caused by the tornadoes. From all of us in the State of Oklahoma, our thoughts prayers go out to those families and friends.
Have a safe and blessed Holiday season, Merry Christmas!
We will see you next year, Susie

Legislative News ~ Raymond Merrill, Legislative Chairman

article from our OBA Lobbyist, Mike Maxwell

Hello everyone!
Legislative session will soon be upon us. In fact, as I’m writing this, the minutes left to request to file a bill before the deadline are ticking away. Since this is the second half of the 58th legislature, all bills introduced last year that didn’t receive final action are magically back to life. The most concerning bill that’s left over from last year is HB2722 by Representative Meloyde Blancett. It is an abbreviated version of SB252 that we all fought so hard against a couple of years ago. It currently sits in the Rules committee as it was designated outside of the bill author’s “Top 8”. By rule, in the House of Representatives, members can only advance eight bills. Often members will introduce bills and once they find out they cannot get the bill heard in regular committee, they will shuffle the bill outside of their “Top 8”. The bill is still technically alive and can be advanced once session begins. From rumors around the Capitol, I expect a similar bill to be filed in the Senate as well. It will be an election year, so anything can happen.
This cycle, most of the statewide office holders will be up for election including the Governor and Insurance Commissioner. We will have a heated race for the Attorney General position as well as several open seats in the legislature due to term limits and redistricting. Stay tuned on the legislative seats. We should have some nice surprises. Every election cycle seems to have a hot topic of the day. A few years ago, during the teacher walkout, it was education funding. Years before that, it was shoring up the state retirement systems. After many years of aggressive campaigns by the Criminal Justice Reform crowd, it seems the tide of public sentiment is beginning to turn. Current polling in Oklahoma strongly supports law enforcement and the rule of law. So far, from what I’ve seen this year, that is being reflected strongly in the candidates as well. We’ve seen several members of law enforcement throw their hat into the ring and announce for public office. If the right candidates are elected in this cycle, it could provide a strong base of support for years to come. Please get out and meet these candidates before the election and educate them on the value the bail industry provides to the community.

National Updates ~ Tracey Halley-Terrell, OBA Secretary

in Nashville, Tennessee

On September 27th, 2021, Connie Allbritton, currently the OBA Treasurer and I attended the American Bail Coalition conference in Nashville, Tennessee. We heard from Jeff Clayton the Executive Director of American Bail. He spoke about how crime is rising throughout the United States and the legislative victories that have begun the unwinding of bail reform.
We also heard from the Honorable Anne Marie Schubert, Sacramento County District Attorney and Candidate for California Attorney General. She spoke about how big money liberals are backing candidates for key elections. Chris Blaylock, the administrative director of the American Bail Coalition spoke about the way ABC engaged in digital lobbying and grassroots efforts.
Eric Granof, Vice President of Corporate Communications with AIA Surety and Mike Whitlock, Executive Vice President of American Surety and several others also presented
PBUS Winter Conference
Professional Bail Agents of the United States will be having their annual winter conference from February 20th to the 23rd at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. It will be an election year which will lead to a high turnout.
Connie Allbritton is running for PBUS Midwest Director and I am running for PBUS Secretary.
Please come out and support us and visit
to register

In The News

Moving forward………..All candidates shall be nominated on forms to be provided by the Association and distributed upon request to the members. Any nominations not on the correct form will not qualify for election.
Nominations for the following positions will be accepted starting January 1st, 2022. Nominations must be received by March 1st, 2022
These officers shall be elected every other year. This election year the offices for election are as follows:
Vice-President …… Incumbent-Carol Knight
Treasurer ……………..Incumbent-Connie Allbritton
Terms of Directors shall be two (2) years. This election year the Regional Districts are as follows:
District 2 …………………………….Incumbent-Salomon Dionicio
District 2 shall be that portion of Oklahoma east of Interstate Highway 35 and North of Interstate Highway 40 
District 4 …………………………….Incumbent-Gary Duke
District 4 shall be that portion of Oklahoma west of Interstate Highway 35 and south of Interstate Highway 40
Director-at-Large ……………..Incumbent Randy Wood
In order to be eligible to vote a member must have paid his or her Association dues in full prior to December 31 of the year preceding the election is to be held
Only members in good standing may be permitted to hold a position as an officer, which means that such member must: 1) be current on his or her Association dues; and 2) have been in good standing with the Oklahoma Insurance Department for a period of at least twelve (12) months, unless he or she is a new member. In addition, any candidate for the Office of the President of the Association must have previously served at least one (1) year as a member of the Board of Directors
Association By-Laws.
VOTING shall be in person by each individual regular member in good standing at the time of the meeting. Proxy voting or absentee voting shall not be allowed.
For more information call 405-524-5920
Happy Birthday!!!! ~ Happy Birthday!!!
to all who have birthdays this quarter.
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Continuing Education Video classes will be held:
January 12, 2022
February 9, 2022
March 8, 2022
Board of Directors meetings
Board of Directors meetings are held monthly at 10:00 am
at the Oklahoma Bondsman Association – Board Room.,
in Oklahoma City, unless otherwise noticed.
You are all encouraged to attend
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Pre-License Classes
Pre-License Bail Bond Education classes are held quarterly.
Classes are held at the Oklahoma Bondsman Association bldg.,
Education Classroom.
The class is a 2-day course.
Sixteen (16) hours of pre-licensing education is required.
Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. and class begins promptly at 8:00 AM.
Thursday, March 3rd & Friday, March 4th, 2022
Thursday, June 2nd & June 3rd, 2022
NOTE: Dates may be subject to change
To register or for more information call:
OBA office – 405-524-5920

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