Statement on Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act

With criminal justice reform efforts sweeping the nation, two US Senators are seeking to replace money bail. OBA has expressed its concern for public safety following the announcement of the bill.

“Senators Kamala Harris and Rand Paul have proposed legislation, titled the Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act, that seeks to replace money bail across the nation. While the legislation outwardly appears to pursue economic equality in the justice system, it poses a greater risk to the safety of US communities.

The OBA believes a better approach may be available through the collaboration of the judicial and legislative branches with bondsmen nationwide. Risk-assessments and appropriate management of the accused via the use of a bail bondsman can decrease costs of incarceration by saving taxpayers money without forgoing the safety of our citizens and by ensuring that accused persons return to court. Additionally, tactfully utilizing bond schedules can relieve monetary constraints on those potentially impacted by pretrial detention.”

-President of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association, Dudley Goolsby