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Statement on HB 2621

House Bill 2621, by Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore, and Sen. James Leewright, R-Bristow, which would have required those who have been accused of a crime and bonded out only to be accused of a more serious or additional criminal charge to post supplemental bond commensurate with their updated offense, passed unanimously through the House yesterday afternoon. However, due to the early adjournment of the Senate, the bill is dead with the end of this legislative session. OBA expressed appreciation for the hard work of the bill’s authors.

“Late yesterday afternoon, HB 2621 passed unanimously through the House. However, as the Senate is finished considering legislation for this session, HB 2621 died upon Sine Die adjournment yesterday afternoon. HB 2621 was a promising piece of legislation that would have effectively held accused persons to a higher level of accountability while protecting our communities. 

Though we are disappointed, we are thankful for the hard work of our legislators and the authors of HB 2621, Rep. Kevin West (R-Moore) and Sen. James Leewright (R-Bristow). We look forward to the future of this legislation during the next legislative session.”   

-President of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association, Raymond Merrill