Statement on The Oklahoman Criminal Justice Series

OBA is aware of the series from The Oklahoman reviewing the criminal justice system and reform efforts. OBA appreciates the efforts of the reporters, public servants and other parties involved in the articles to comprehensively understand the situation Oklahoma is faced with and believes some of the concerns addressed in the articles may be combated by effectively utilizing Oklahoma’s bondsmen.

“The Oklahoma Bondsman Association has and will continuously work with both judicial and legislative branches of the government to ensure that proposed criminal justice reform efforts best serves Oklahoma and its residents. We believe Oklahoma’s bondsmen ultimately save taxpayers money by removing accused persons out of custody until they are formally convicted of a crime, and then ensuring the accused persons return to court. Bondsmen also make risk assessments on the stability of the accused to ensure that public safety is not jeopardized. This aids in decreasing the overall cost of incarceration to the state of Oklahoma.”

-President of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association, Dudley Goolsby