Statement on New Jersey Bail Reform Lawsuits

Last year, New Jersey became one of the first states to enact major bail reform initiatives. Two lawsuits have since been announced displaying the critical issues surrounding imprudent bail reforms. Following those lawsuits, OBA advised vigilance to avoid making similar mistakes in Oklahoma.

“Unsound bail reforms threaten basic civil liberties of Americans and public safety. Following reforms enacted last year in New Jersey, various lawsuits have been announced, demonstrating the dangerous issues surrounding legislation seeking to overhaul the bail system without due diligence.

For Oklahoma, we believe collaboration of the judicial and legislative branches of government with bondsmen will yield a more complete understanding of the issues and lead to a more informed approach that better serves our state and protects citizens’ rights. Additionally, tactfully utilizing bond schedules can relieve monetary constraints on those potentially impacted by pretrial detention.”

-President of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association, Dudley Goolsby