Statement on Interim Studies Announcement

Oklahoma State House Speaker McCall announced the approved interim studies to take place later this year, several of which examine criminal justice reform efforts. The announcement comes at a time of concern for public safety and confusion surrounding classifications of violent vs. non-violent crimes following the enactment of SQ 780 and 781.

“Yesterday afternoon House Speaker McCall announced the format for approved interim studies focusing on criminal justice reform. We are hopeful that these studies will provide clarity to Oklahoma lawmakers as they evaluate reform efforts and make decisions that will directly impact the safety of our communities.

While we understand the need for criminal justice reform in our state, we believe this reform should not come at the cost of public safety. We will continue to work with the Oklahoma state legislature to not only ensure that the future of criminal justice reform is truly beneficial to our state and its residents, but also to guarantee the safety of Oklahoma communities.”

-President of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association, Dudley Goolsby