The Oklahoma Bondsman Association acts as an educational provider for Oklahoma bondsmen. The association provides annual training and legislative updates that meet the educational requirements required by the Oklahoma Insurance Department. All bondsmen in the state of Oklahoma who are members of OBA adhere to the higher ethical standards put forth by the association.


All licensed bondsmen in the state of Oklahoma are required to complete 16 hours of pre-licensing classes, and are required to complete eight hours of continuing education annual to renew. Continuing education requirements are required each year to accumulate 16 hours to renew license biennially. Pre-licensing education courses are offered through the OBA headquarters in Oklahoma City. Continuing Education courses are offered offsite in Oklahoma City and Tulsa to better serve bondsmen.


In addition to updating members regarding state legislative changes that affect the bail industry, OBA has and will continuously work with both judicial and legislative branches of the government to ensure that proposed criminal justice reform efforts best serve Oklahoma and its residents. Our priority always has been and always will be the safety and security of our communities and neighbors.


Because of the complex nature of the work of a bail agent, it is of the utmost importance that all members of OBA adhere to the association’s code of ethics. Bail bondsmen interact daily with law enforcement officials, community members and other bail agents. This profession comes with great responsibility, and OBA members uphold the highest moral and ethical standards.