Board Positions up for Election

Two officer positions on the OBA Board of Directors will be up for election during the upcoming June education conferences in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Two candidates are running for president and three are running for southeast director.  

Under the OBA bylaws, it is presumed an incumbent will stand for re-election unless they announce their intention not to. The offices of president and southeast director were vacated with both incumbents, Raymond Merrill and Byron Self, respectively, choosing not to seek re-election.  

Ken Boyer and Rusty Roberts are both candidates for the office of president. David Koelsch and Jessica Schiller are each running for southeast director. Rochelle Ashcraft will assume the position of NW Director, as the incumbent, Laurie Poole, did not seek re-election.  

A formal nomination process was conducted according to OBA bylaws and nominations were received from three persons for each candidate. Each nominee was asked to provide a 100-word statement about their qualifications for the respective office for which they are running. Their statements are below.  

The election will be conducted during the two annual education conferences in June. Voting will be conducted from the first break in the morning until 1 p.m. in Oklahoma City on June 4. At that time, polls will close, and the ballot box will be sealed and stored in a secure location until the Tulsa conference. A second ballot box will be used in Tulsa on June 18 to conduct voting from the first break until 1 p.m. At that time, the two ballot boxes will be given to an independent entity and the ballots from both conferences will be tabulated.  

The winner for each office will be announced in Tulsa as soon as the count is documented. There is provision for resolving a tie vote by coin toss, according to OBA bylaws.   

President Candidate Statements 

Ken Boyer 

Having taken over the bonding business my father founded, I am proud to be a second generation bondsman. I am currently serving as the OBA Director at Large and also president of the Oklahoma County Bondsman Association. This year, I have spent significant time at the capitol fighting for the industry that I grew up in. This session there are more bailending bills introduced than ever before. I pledge to always “lead from the front”, working to stop dangerous legislation and to protect and advance our industry. I would appreciate your vote to continue in this fight. 

Rusty Roberts 

I have been a bondsman for two decades and currently an MCA in Tulsa County. I served on the OBA board for 12 years as Director at Large then vice president. I am currently serving my 15th year as president of A.B.A.T. While on the OBA board, my main focus was and will continue to be legislation, not only working to pass new and good legislation, but to also attempt to prevent bad legislation from being passed. I have built great friendships with many elected officials and will continue to use these relationships in an effort to further our industry.

Southeast Director, District #3 Statements 

David Koelsch 

I am David Koelsch and I thank the OBA for the opportunity to run for District #3, Southeast Director. In 1986, I earned my BA in journalism and marketing from UCO.  Before becoming a bail bondsman in 2008, I worked at Devon Energy as buyer, and fleet and trucking services coordinator.  Before that, I co-founded Oklahoma Fleet Services for Trucking and our business as registration agents came under a similar legislative threat as the bail bond industry faces today. From that experienceI especially understand the challenges we are up against and will do my very best to meet them.  

Jessica Schiller 

My name is Jessica Schiller and I would like to announce that I am running for Director for Southeast District #3. I became licensed in 2017 but I worked in the family bail business who have been in business for 30 years.  

As a new bail bondsman, I have noticed that we are lacking unity in our board and feel there is a need to be involved in my District. I will be the voice for the Southeast District and hear all bondsmen in what could make things better for your business and the outlook bondsmen receive as a whole.